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The committee aims to shed light on new situations opened up by research, taking into account existing regulations.

In any case, the committee’s opinions—which may be contradictory—are motivated by and based on both its respect for fundamental rights (particularly human rights) and its refusal of a dogmatic vision.

Working groups 2023

Public advocacy of researchers : although the public advocacy of certain researchers is not a new reality, it is presented today in a partially renewed light that leads COMETS to question the issues and modalities of an “ethics of public advocacy”.

Neurocognitive technologies : in the vast field of neurotechnologies, COMETS analyses those intended to be applied to the “developing brain”, in the field of education and recreation, and questions the ethical values that should guide their implementation. This work is carried out in conjunction with the INSERM Ethics Committee.

Opportunistic campaigns  : referral to the CNRS