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The members of COMETS regularly take part in training courses or pedagogical days on the theme of ethics, science and research.

Training / MOOC

 “Research integrity in scientific professions”

Access to training

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Ethics and AI

“How to support the evolution of artificial intelligence”, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, computer researcher and president of the CNRS ethics committee.

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September 2017

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Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
CARNOT interfaces, Réponses d’Experts

The Essentials

Introductory Video Modules on Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity

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December 2017




“Academic training and best practices 

Lucienne Letellier-Castro, Biophysicist. Emeritus researcher. University of Paris-Saclay.

“Plagiarism: What Good Research Practice Should Be”

Michèle Leduc, Director of Research Emeritus, Kastler-Brossel Laboratory, Ecole Normale Supérieure. Director of GIS-IFRAF. Member of COMETS (Ethics Committee of the CNRS)

“Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Ethics in Question”

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Professor of Computer Science, Pierre & Marie Curie University; Chairman of COMETS (Ethics Committee of the CNRS)